Low bit rate wireless communication


Recently, the low bit rate wireless communication has become a hot topic. Since Bluetooth 4.0 was announced in 2010, which was formerly considered a short distance high-speed wireless communication, it was separated into high-speed communication as Ready and low-speed communication as Smart. Since then, a lot of portable devices have been created leveraging Bluetooth Smart. We are now aiming for low-speed such as LTE-M, NB_IoT, etc. and moving away from only focusing on high-speed in 3GPP.


The reason low bit rate wireless communication is trending is because more than 80% of IoT devices use less than 3MB of data per month. In other words, a low-power, low-cost, and high-efficiency Low-Power Network (LPN) communication method is preferable since only a small amount of data needs to be sent. The following products showcase WIZnet solutions applied to LPN.

BLE to Ethernet Thin Gateway BLE to Ethernet Thin Gateway is the data collector that transmits the BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) data to a cloud server through Ethernet.


Source : https://github.com/kaizen8501/nRF51_SDK_10.0.0_Example


iBeacon (Adobe Air + OSC + some Arduinos)

This demo relies on Adobe AIR as the only tool to develop iOS apps that’s based on iBeacon solutions. Using a native extension, a small app sends OSC messages to an OSC server running on an Arduino UNO + Ethernet Shield + Xbee Shield. As the user enters the iBeacons region, it sends different messages to the user.

Source: caffaware.com/  ,  distriqt.com/