Weekend farm, a form of tending a vegetable garden, has become prevalent in metropolitan areas.

The method of taking care of the farm has also developed smart in the IoT era.

This post will introduce how to take care of plants.

1.Jardimpu: il social Gardening con Paraimpu



The first project shows how to send the current condition of the plant and control the device connected to the plant using Twitter.

We can also monitor the condition of the plant in real time by using Arduino, Ethernet Shield, Pump, temperature-humidity sensor, and IPWebCam. This device can also water the plant.

With this device, users can monitor the condition of the plant in real time remotely.

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Author’s blog



2. Open source Aquaponics with APDuino


The second project shows how to take care of plant with fish.

We can use less water than conventional garden system to raise plants and animals.

This project uses Arduino, Ethernet Shield, water level sensor, and temperature sensor.

It sends a message of the condition of the plant through Twitter or Facebook depending on moisture condition when the water supply from the pump decreases.

This has the advantage of raising plants and animals of good quality with less water.

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Author’s blog


3. Plantduino -v1


The third project is Smart Plant that provides power through PoE and can be made easily using Ethernet shield.

The author easily implemented operation of sensor by using Seeduino Grove Base Shield and also used EtherTen to solve the problem with power supply.

He focused on the conveniencey of the sensor connectivity using seeeduino, EtherTen, moisture sensor, and LCD. The condition of the plant can be monitored directly via LCD and indirectly via Twitter; power is supplied by using ToE.

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4.Arduino water system to wet your plant


The last project is a Smart Plant project, similar to the third project .

The author can water the plant at any time via web page using Arduino uno, Ethernet Shield, and pump.

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Author’s blog



Users can now monitor the environment for plants to grow in and water the plants more precisely.

Based on the intention of users, monitoring a plant and furthermore a farm can be done via SNS and web page.

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