In the IoT era, even the way of feeding pets are becoming smarter.

I am going to show this fantastic and amazing example of how to make this Smart Pet Feeder product at an affordable price for pet lovers.

The first product I would like to introduce is SmartFeeder form Hoison.

It has many functions such as camera, automatic pet feeding, voice function, and remote feeding, all controlled by a smart phone app. However, its price, $299, is higher than the average market price.


These days, many makers are able to create products, similar to the Hoison SmartFeeder, using the open source hardware and open source software at half price.

Great projects using WIZnet products can be found at,,  and WIZnet Museum website. Among them, projects relating to pet feeder will be introduced in this post.

#1 Barley’s automated cat feeder


Barley’s automated cat feeder is an Arduino project that feeds cats twice a day on the designated time and monitors the cat eating food using IP camera in real time. The main functions are automatic pet feeding, camera function, and remote feeding. These functions are almost the same as Hoison’s SmartFeeder! The only difference is whether using a smart phone app or a web server but the core functions are the same.

#2 IoT Pet Feeder


IoT Pet Feeder is an mbed project which enables users to feed pet anytime they want. The main function is remote feeding with web server. Unlike the previous project, the development platform is mbed for this project.

#3 Internet enable catfeeder …powered by Arduino


Internet enabled catfeeder is another Arduino based automatic pet feeder that can be controlled remotely with web server.

#4 Camera Surveillance Controller System


Users can make a pet feeder similar to Smart feeder by referncing project 1. Project 3 shows an addition of camera. Furthermore, users can add the webcam function with reference to the project 4 (Webcam control).

#5 Network Watch with 7 Segment


Users can add a camera and timer function like project 2.

Please refer to project 5 for timer related applications.


Now I would like to introduce a simple way of feeding pets remotely for the people who think implementing a camera is complex. The name of this product is topPets PF-21B. This pet feeder product can be controlled via remote controller. Arduino can be used to make an IoT remote control; please refer to WIZnet Museum website for more details about IoT remote controll.

#6 Smart Homer Web-enabled TV remote


Smart Homer Project is an Arduino project that can turn the TV on/off by controlling IR sender using web server. An existing product can be upgraded to an IoT product using Smart Homer Project!

The pet market around the world has been growing at a double-digit growth rate. Lots of IoT products have came out beside the existing feed and management system products. There are a variety of potential services such as wearable device for tracking the pet’s location and for the pet’s health monitoring. If you’re really interested in starting a start-up, I’d recommend targeting this kind of market. You can launch through Kickstarter by adding your clever idea onto these existing products. Take advantage of the various resources at WIZnet Museum website!

Good luck and see you next time~

Curator : Lawrence in WIZnet
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