There are various projects of home security introduced on the internet these days.

But it is hard to find a project that is updated continuously; the project introduced in this post has been regularly updated for the past 2 years and is very close to commercial use.

Home security project based on Atmega and Ardunio. MQTT gateway for data gathering.

Original creator’s blog:

Source code Github :

This product embedds web-server and enables sensor data and remote control using WebUI.

Let’s check out the video below.

This product can recognize whether the door is open or not by installing the sensor on the door, and can turn on and off the alarm system using a simple key.

In the video, the alarm system is turned off when the green light is on.

When the key is confirmed, the alarm system is turned on and the red light blinks.

If the door is opened after this settings, the alarm goes on until turned off. (The function that informs using SMS is also implemented.)

If the real owner uses the key to confirm, the alarm system is turned off and green light is on.

For reference, information of the key used in this video is available at the below website.

The latest instruction of WebUI is explained as a video on the blog. It is easy to see the log information and sensor data.

Originally this project used WIZnet’s WIZ820io module for Ethernet connectivity.

However, the board was redesigned using the new W5500.

The RS485 technology is also used for connecting to the sensor or RF chipset.

Please refer to the following link about all the sources in detail at GitHub.

Please refer to the below links for other examples of smart home.

They show how to control indoor sensor, doors, and electric lights via SmartPhone.

Examples of how to easily configure the Android app using APP Inventor at the link above.

The SmartHome Kit using Arduino, Zigbee, and Ethernet

This is perfect project for DIY at an affordable price will lot of sources andexplanation.

This project is perfect for beginners; it is a simple monitoring system using Arduino.

Enjoy IoT DIY ~

Curator : Bong in WIZnet
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