Industrial IoT Protocol: Modbus


IoT as a business mostly stems from demands in the industrial field.

And there are, as expected, industrial standard protocols that are often followed.

Typical examples are Modbus, EtherCat, and Ethernet/IP.

Among them, Modbus is one of the most popular items in embedded markets.

Arduino, the open hardware, also has a library of Modbus. That means there is a lot of demand and a lot of people are looking for it. Of course, the specs of Modbus does not require a lot of resources, which makes it that much more enticing.



Modbus can be used based on Arduino that I mentioned above.

Because Arduino is an open source hardware platform, anyone can easily access it.

Often, industrial equipment can be hard to come by but open platforms such as Arduino solves such accessibility issues.

In particular, there is a project in which some users use Modbus in Arduino with the title Visualization Network Meter Building Strategy.



You can use Arduino and Modbus to get data from your meter and visualize the data on the web as shown below.


Like this, using Arduino makes it easy to communicate with the standard equipment used in the industry.

Someone will say, “can you make industrial products with Arduino?”

However, there are products that use Arduino as is!

There is a product called Lono – it can be used in industrial and residential environments. It can also be used in the Ethernet environment.

Ethernet products especially can use the Modbus protocol. If you want to use Modbus with this product, simply upload the Modbus sketch from the Arduino IDE.

With Arduino, it can provide convenience to both the developer and user.




If you want to see more examples of Modbus using with Arduino, please see the links below.



Other Devices

You can see that Wiznet’s products are used in many other devices that are not open hardware and can be easily found through search.

WIZNET products do not inherently support the Modbus protocol.

However, in the case of Ethernet chips, it is possible to implement a protocol such as Modbus with a small amount of effort because of Hardwired TCP /IP technology.

This is why Wiznet products are used in industrial protocols,

This product, for example, is an eI/O Ethernetwith the W7100A.


The eI/O family of Ethernet digital I/O is for embedded OEM applications. For commercial and industrial computing applications requiring an embedded Ethernet I/O solution, eI/O OEM modules provide system designers with a compact, low-cost monitor and control alternative for a variety of applications, including process control, facility management, security, and broadcast automation.

Communicate with eI/O modules using industry standard Modbus TCP protocol or SeaMAX software. This software suite supports the eI/O family and is designed to work with third-party applications with the SeaMAX API. SeaMAX software drivers and utilities make installation and operation easy using Microsoft Windows operating systems.


If you are curious about using other WIZnet products, please refer to the links below.

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