Most devices controlled remotely use IR communication.

The reason is because IR communication is able to pass obstacles through air and transmit signals to the destination at a low cost.

However, it is limited to short distance.



Most IR remote controls are home devices anyways: DVD Player, TV, Air Conditioner, Music Player, and so on.

In other words, most of them are devices that are controlled at close range, so they are using IR communication.


Even if it is long distance, we may want to control these devices remotely for any number of reasons.

In the case of IR signals, sometimes the signal cannot be transmitted depending on the angle, as well as when it’s too far, the signal may not be transmitted.


You may want to turn on the air-conditioner during the hot summer days! Or maybe use it for security purposes?

When you leave your home for long, you can make a noise through the TV or by playing music! This helps to prevent suspects from attempting to enter the house.

Imagine the movie “Home Alone”.

We’d want remote control access in these cases.

WIZnet Museum has content related to IR. I will introduce a couple well-explained posts.




How to control the air conditioner A/C at home with Arduino, even remotely!

The link above is also on Instructables. It explains the process of controlling an air conditioner. You can refer to this link since it deals with how to hack the remote control signal through IR receiver.

If you can read Korean, please refer to the following posts. Even if you cannot read Korean, the links may be in English so check them out!


Since I’ve introduced to you the basics of how to use Arduino and Ethernet Shield, I’ll finish by sharing some How-To articles.

Thanks for reading!




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