IoT (Internet of Things) has had a significant impact on the smart home. According to Google trends, ‘smart home’ was searched 75% more in 2016 than in 2015. That means, nowadays, many people want to know more about a smart home system. So let me introduce one which is a door lock of the smart security things.


1. Password Door lock System with Arduino

This project controls the door with a password. When you enter the wrong password, the result shows up on the LCD and at the same time, the Red LED is lighted. On the other hand, when you enter the correct password, the LED will change to a green color. After that, the Servo motor will spin to open. This is an excellent project suited for beginners.

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2. IoT Smart Doorbell

When someone presses your doorbell, you can check it using your phone. You can make the IoT Smart Doorbell with an Arduino and Ethernet Shield. The system uses the Blynk app to connect it to the cloud and is available for both Android and iOS.  The system sends an email and a mobile notification whenever it is alerted.

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3. Bluetooth Door Lock

You don’t need a key anymore if you know how to make a Bluetooth door lock. It can lock and unlock a door without having to carry a physical key.

The servo will be connected to the slider lock and will move to 0 degrees to lock the door and 60 degrees to unlock.

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