The severity of air pollution increases day by day, for example China’s fine dust problem is emerging as a global issue. The importance of maintaining the quality of the atmosphere is increasing as much as maintaining the quality of the water.


This article introduces Arduino based DIY IoT air quality measurement and remote monitoring solution. By following these projects, you can easily measure the quality of the atmosphere using various dust / gas / air quality sensors.  And you can also remotely monitor, store, and share collected data using a variety of cloud services.



Example Projects on wiznetmuseum.com

1. Ethernet shield + fine dust measurement (IoT fine dust measuring instrument)

This project has implemented a device for measuring fine dust concentration using Arduino, ethernet shield, and laser fine dust sensor.
The case is equipped with an OLED that displays intuitively the concentration of fine dust in the atmosphere.

cu1_hw1 cu1_hw2

The special thing about this device is that it can remotely view data collected over the Ethernet network using the mobile Blynk app.


For more information about Blynk apps, Please refer to following link: http://www.blynk.cc/


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WIZnet Museum: http://wiznetmuseum.com/portfolio-items/blynk-ethernet-shield-fine-dust-measurement-iot-fine-dust-measuring-instrument/

Source: http://blog.naver.com/mk1017sh/220754112913



2. Air quality / weather station

An air quality or weather station project is The Device that monitors the temperature, noise and carbon dioxide levels via devicehub.net cloud service.
Author created a measurement device with the Arduino platform; using Arduino Ethernet, Grove CO2 / Sound Sensor and Temperature sensor with steel head.

The devicehub.net cloud service makes it easy to see changes in sensor values through charts.

cu2_devicehub cu2_devicehub_chart


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WIZnet Museum: http://wiznetmuseum.com/portfolio-items/air-quality-weather-station/

Source: https://www.hackster.io/devicehub-net/air-quality-weather-station



3. How to measure particulate air pollution and share the data online

The authors have implemented a device that measures particulate air pollution using Arduino Ethernet and Grove dust sensor(Shinyei PPD42 particle sensor). The collected data is sent to Xively cloud service and can be monitored easily by chart.


Tags: arduino ethernet, cloud, ethernet shield, sensing&gathering, w5100, xively

WIZnet Museum: http://wiznetmuseum.com/portfolio-items/wiz-treasure-15-how-to-measure-particulate-air-pollution-and-share-the-data-online-by-alxmjo/

Source: http://www.instructables.com/id/How-to-measure-particulate-air-pollution-and-share/



4. Membuat Alat Monitoring Polusi via Internet Menggunakan Ethernet Webserver dan Arduino

(= Making the Pollution Monitoring Device via Internet Using Ethernet Webserver and Arduino)

The author lives in Indonesia and wants to measure the temperature / humidity and various air quality factors (dust / CO / O3 / NH3 / CO2) using the Arduino platform.


The unique thing about this project is that sensor data collected via Arduino can be sent and monitored by the author’s own web server.
The web server is written in HTML and PHP language and source code can be found on the author’s website.

cu4_webserver_text cu4_webserver_table


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WIZnet Museum: http://wiznetmuseum.com/portfolio-items/membuat-alat-monitoring-polusi-via-internet-menggunakan-ethernet-webserver-dan-arduino/

Source: http://kursuselektronikaku.blogspot.kr/2016/07/membuat-alat-monitoring-polusi-via.html



Curator: Eric Jung from WIZnet
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