WIZnet iMCU 2010 Design Contest Winners

The WIZnet iMCU Design Contest 2010 challenged engineers across the globe to incorporate the W7100 Internet MCU (“iMCU”) in creative embedded design projects. The W7100 is an Internet MCU integrating a hardwired TCP/IP core with an 8051 processor. It makes an easy-to-implement platform for applications that require a network connection. By combining the latest hardwired TCP/IP chip with the benefits of the W5100 and 8051 MCU core, the new W7100 provides a one-chip solution for all embedded Internet projects.

With $15,000 in cash prizes up for grabs, the competition was fierce, with innovative projects coming in from locations such as the United States, Romania, Australia, India, and Japan. The judges’ results are now final. Congratulations to the winners!