##Cloud Service for IoT Project

When you make progress on a project, you will come across a point in time when you need to monitor or control specific devices.
In these instances, it is very useful to take advantage the cloud service that’s already made.
Most of the services we are going to introduce are easy to use, and we can find many examples of it being used with Arduino.
So in this article, I’d like to introduce some examples of boards that are using cloud services!

###1. Thing+

The first cloud service that I would like to introduce is Thing+. A typical feature of Thing+ is the ability to use widgets in various formats. Therefore, data analysis and monitoring systems are optimized. Also, you can set an event for a specific situation. However, some services are provided for a charged.
The link below is a guide for using Thing+ services with ARDUINO. As you can see, the ethernet shield connected to the ARDUINO for using it.

Source : <http://support.thingplus.net/en/open-hardware/arduino-noSSL-user-guide.html>

###2. ThingSpeak

The second cloud service I’ll introduce is ThingSpeak.
It is a good platform to monitor, similar to Thing+.
You can control the device for certain situations, or you can even receive tweets.
In the following link, ThingSpeak is used to construct a system that monitors the data of temperature and humidity sensors and air pressure sensors.

Source : <https://www.instructables.com/id/Send-sensor-data-DHT11-BMP180-to-ThingSpeak-with-a/>

###3. ubidots


The third cloud service I’ll introduce is ubidots. The link below is an ubidots guide that provides an example of Arduino analog sensor that reads values and sends them to a ubidots server.

Source : <https://ubidots.com/docs/devices/arduino-ethernet.html#arduino-ethernet>

There are many services besides the introduced cloud services. These are optimized for the embedded platform and created for an embedded system. I hope you to make the best use of these services to make the best resource!

Curator : Becky from WIZnet
Email : becky@wiznet.io