1. Overview

Demand for camera-related projects has increased in the IoT market as drone and home security issues have become more frequent.

Let’s take a look at projects using camera modules on the Arduino and mbed platforms.

2. Example

2.1 Camera Surveillance Controller System

This example covers how to monitor and control the screen of a Static IP camera through a smartphone.




The overall configuration is that Wi-Fi is used between the smartphone and AP Router and Ethernet connection is used to provide the AP Router Internet access.

Port forwarding allows you to use 3G/4G environments even if your smartphone is not connected to the AP.

Please refer to the following links for detailed codes and parts.


TAG: Ethernet, IP Camera, Arduino UNO

WIZnet Museum: http://wiznetmuseum.com/portfolio-items/camera-surveillance-controller-system/





This example shows how to send an image file to FTP server through the camera module.

The overall configuration is that an external intruder is captured by a camera module, which is then sent to the FTP server.




The captured images from the camera module are transferred to the FTP server via Ethernet. When you connect to the FTP server, you can check the captured images.

Please refer to the following links for detailed codes and parts.


TAG: Ethernet, W5500-EVB, CF7670C-V2

WIZnet Museum: http://wiznetmuseum.com/portfolio-items/observerimage-capture-system/



2.3 Ethernet Camera With Mbed Platform WIZwiki-W7500

If the previous example was based on the Arduino, this example uses the camera module on the mbed platform.


The WizWiki-7500 works as a TCP-based file server and the captured images from the camera module are saved to the SD card of WizWiki-7500.

Please refer to the following links for detailed codes and parts.


TAG: Ethernet, WizWiki-7500, LS-Y201,

WIZnet Museum: http://wiznetmuseum.com/portfolio-items/ethernet-camera-with-mbed-platform-wizwiki-w7500/



3. Conclusion

In this article, we checked out projects using camera modules in various open hardware platforms.

As I mentioned above, demand for the camera is expected to increase due to growing interest in drones and home security. I hope this will help anyone who is working on an IoT project using camera module!

Curator: Tom from WIZnet

Email: tom@wiznet.io