Looking back, most of the projects we’ve curated for ARMmbed revolve around using the Ethernet.

This platform called the WIZwiki-W7500 contains RJ45 for basic Ethernet functions with PHY also on the platform.

In order to expand the use of a platform that can be limited to Ethernet, this curation is about using WiFi.



There is a product called WizFi250 developed by WIZnet. It is available as a WiFi shield of WIZwiki-W7500, an ARMmbed platform.

(Of course, it can also be used as an Arduino shield.)


pwifi ( https://travelwifi.ie/is-public-wifi-really-free/)


The advantage of WiFi is wireless. Although there are restrictions on communication speed and distance, ‘no wire’ presents a whole realm of possibility.

For example, in the case of a robot (which is coincidentally one of the projects we will discuss in this curation), it is quite frustrating for a robot to carry a LAN cable. The longest LAN cable you can get on the market is 100m, which is long enough and can be lengthened even further, but it’s absolutely meaningless.

You should use Ethernet for devices that are collecting data from one stationary place or receiving data like a server because it provides speed and reliable connection.

However, looking back at the curated ARMmbed-related content, we’ve noticed the clear lack of WiFi content.  Therefore, we’ll introduce some WiFi projects in this article.


The first topic touches on how to use WizFi250.

But it could be difficult for the Maker to follow along by simply reading so we will first walk you through how to connect WizFi250 to WIZwiki-W7500.


1. Adding WiFi to WIZwiki-w7500 using WizFi250



As you can see from the link above, we have a detailed guide to downloading libraries and projects via mbed as well as how to configure the hardware.

When you get close to AT command, you should be able to use these functions as much as you want through the Internet.


2. WiFi Geolocation Watch



This project receives real-time location and services by using GPS and NTP. This project connects to the GPS server to get the data you desire; it also connects to the NTP server and gets the current time so you can get a deeper understanding of the client.


3. Freed Man



Freed Man is a fairly complex project. If the two projects above were simple data transmission and reception through the WiFi250 shield, this project utilizes the MCU. It takes the image from a camera through UART and controls multiple motors using TTL.


We’ve looked at WiFi projects made with WIZwiki-w7500 platform in an ARMmbed environment. If you combine these projects with some of your own ideas, you could create a cooler project!

Curator : Lawrence from WIZnet
Email : lawrence@wiznet.io