Arduino IoT PLC (Programmable Logic Controller)

In 2005, Arduino created and produced affordable electronic educational products at IDII (Interaction Design Institute Ivera) from Italy, that are easy to access even if you major in art, not engineering, for the educational purpose.

Arduino opened the microcontroller world to the public which is easy to access for everyone, not only for engineers. Because Arduino provides friendly development tools, circuit, diagrams and other related contents in an open source. This brings the result that various clones are made all over the world. Also, sensors, actuators, and communication modules are installed in compatible boards(Shield) with many application fields.

Arduino was widely used in DIY groups and arts in the early days, however, it has often been seen that products using Arduino are available in various fields in recent years. Let’s take a look PLC(Programmable Logic Controller) among the products that use Arduino for industrial use.











CONTROLLINO emerged in 2014 when it succeeded in funding $65.000 in kickstarts.

CONTROLLINO is an industry ready, freely programmable PLC. It is the first Arduino compatible software open-source PLC and is the market leader in its field! It can virtually serve any controlling, automation and data-logging purpose for you. In recent years, CONTROLLINO became the preferred Arduino-PLC choice not just for Makers, but also for Professionals! CONTROLLINO is used all around the globe, from little hobby projects to complex industrial automation projects. Industrial Shields.


CONTROLLINO sells hardware only, and the customer who purchases it must directly program and implement the function.

CONTROLLINO myPLC is a model that supports the hardware of the CONTROLLINO and the function of firmware that the customer wants. Logos to the products also are available in the form desired by the customer. However, they do not start the service yet.

CONTROLLINO-IoT is a model that supports IoT Cloud system to the hardware and firmware that the customer wants. We believe it has good technology and business model because it provides a suitable clould system to application that customer wants.

Of course, it supports industrial certification since it is used for industrial purpose.



  1. Industrial Shields














Industrial Shields are Ethernet PLC products registered in the Arduino official store. Industrial Shields are basic PLC product based on Arduino, and the customer should directly program it in. There are products with various specifications, and customers just choose the right product for their system. It also has a business model called Industrial Shields Licensed Program. If customers build prototypes with Open Source Hardware, this business model will develop&produce&sell products with enough quality to be used for industrial purpose. Of course, it supports industrial certification since it is used for industrial purpose. It seems to be a decent business model that can provide a solution about the hardware technology and commercialization for general makers.