Gateway is the medium that enables communication for parties that cannot communicate with each other due to physical reasons or regulations. Recently, gateway is mainly used to connect to the Internet, thus it is often connected with Ethernet and is also called router.

New wireless communication protocols for IoT such as SIGFOX, Z-WAVE, and LTE-M have been recently released due to technological advancement.  These communication protocols differ in frequency band, modulation, and regulation, but gateway is always required to connect to each server.


I will introduce the projects with concept of Gateway from the WIZnet Museum.

1. BLE to Ethernet Thin Gateway

The gateway made with nRF51822 from Nordic and W5500 from WIZnet can send data to dweet.io cloud via W5500 Ethernet at central after it sends the Heartrate of BLE and battery level service to BLE central at the BLE peripheral.



 2. My Gateway

This project is made with gateway for connecting 433Mhz and 2.4 Ghz RF to Ethernet, Arduino UNO, and W5100. The author’s wife installed the 433Mhz RF Switch in their house at first, but she made this because it was expensive to change all switches to Z-Wave.





3. ATmega256RFR2 powers low-cost Ethernet to wireless gateways

This is the Gateway registered in the official Atmel application Note. The author grafts W5200 onto the ATmega256RFR2 that supports Zigbee.

atmega256rfr2 atmega256rfr22



Curator : Mason in WIZnet
You can contact to mason@wiznet.co.kr