Recently there are many issues about power consumption .

Many companies actually present plans for energy reduction and efficiency, but it has not seen the full effect because IoT is not widely spreaded into each private houses.

In my opinion, implementing mensurable equipment for power consumption it to private houses would be a price efficient option instead of waiting the market to catch up.

Air conditioner is one of the most used home appliances and it also consumes the most amount of power. This posting will explaing about power consumption of home appliances.

1. NodePM: A Remote Monitoring Alert System for Energy Consumption Using Probabilistic Techniques

node PMThe NodePM is integrated into a plaform for the remote monitoring of energy consumption, which consists a wireless sensor network (WSN). Thus it should be stressed that the experiments were conducted in real environments different from many related works, which are evaluated in simulated environments

From this article, you can get an idea how to set up the energy monitoring system in smart grid.

For more information, refer to the following link.

2. How to look at your energy consumption on the web

This project shows how to monitor energy consumption using Arduino Ethernet Shield. There are three steps of the design process.

Part One – Ethernet Shield

The first step is about sending set values out to the Server with Ethernet shield. It looks like kind of sub-tutorial to do the whole project.

Using GET Method can request specific data from the server.

The server will be database to monitor energy consumption.

Part Two – Setting up a Database

Before setting up the database, we need to have a web host.

There are many ways to get it. The author recommends Once you get it, setup a LAMP server on a spare computer running Ubuntu. (Here is a tutorial.)

Once you have your server, whether its on your local network, or somewhere outside your local network, go to MySQL databases and set it up. (The details are in the blog.)

Part Three – Reading from the database and graphing with Flot

Download Flot here and upload Flot to the document root of your domain and unzip it. Download the flot configuration file/page Graph.tar.gz. This is the web page that accesses the database and creates a flot graph from it.

Blog :

3. Arduino power consumption monitor


Project Description

This project checks power consumption and also sends the data to remote server in real time.

The design is made with the assumption that the device is used in household consumptions, which are ohmic in majority.

So from current intensity(Ampere) and the knowledge of potential difference(Volt) we can estimate, with almost zero deviation, the current power consumption(Watt) according to this formula:

P = V * I.

using SCT-013 current transformer cap

* Web page


Blog link:

4. Display the power consumption of the day – Arduino power meter

This project is about application to monitor power consumption using Ethernet shield and XivelyPachube to upload and accumulate the data in anywhere at any time.

Using the accumulated data “Today’s power consumption” or “highest and lowest power of today” is displayed.



For more information, please refer to the following link.

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Since it is not easy to implement smart energy technology to old houses, I would like to suggest these 4 projects that monitors power consumption by using a simple web server.

You can easily check this by connecting to the web if you use Arduino and Arduino Ethernet shield.

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