In the previous posting of ‘What is a Smart Home,’ we looked into how to identify the smart home and what kind of things we can do using the technology.

We also defined the advantages of  DIY using OSHW and Arduino, and also introduced applications of Smart home using the Arduino Ethernet shield.

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How to make your home smarter with Arduino Ethernet: Part1




In this posting, we are going to introduce applications that focus on controlling and monitoring rooms at home among the various Smart home projects.

The projects we introduce here not only use various methods to monitor and control the room with remote control, but also contains beautiful displays. The pre-installed display in houses allows people to monitor and control household electric appliances more easliy.

We hopr these projects can help everyone implement their ideas and used in real life.


1. Arduino, MQTT, OpenHAB and the Ultimate Room Control Panel

Link: http://wiznetmuseum.com/portfolio-items/arduino-mqtt-openhab-and-the-ultimate-room-control-panel




The author has built a smart home project using Arduino and based on OpenHAB and MQTT communication. It seems that the author deliberated on how to make a high quality product like an expensive Room control panel for everyday use.

The light dimming function for multiple channels and a user-friendly audio control function were added, while the physical dials and buttons were included as well.


2. Jarvis A.I Home Automation & Assistant

Link: http://wiznetmuseum.com/portfolio-items/jarvis-a-i-home-automation-assistant



Jarvis is the name of the computer with artificial intelligence technology from the movie Iron Man.  The author got this idea from the movie, so he worked on this project in concept of a secretary with artificial intelligence, which can control electrical power of the house, entering and exiting the house, and take orders via voice control.


3. Monitor your room from anywhere in the world

Link: http://wiznetmuseum.com/portfolio-items/monitor-your-room-from-anywhere-in-the-world




The author cultivated the monitoring system using Arduino UNO and Ethernet shield. All sorts of sensing information is collected in Thingspeak cloud service and the user can check the data using a smart phone.

Monitoring the distance, temperature, humidity, Gas sensor, and controlling the servo motor is possible, while the user can also monitor all sorts of sensors through the OLED display.


4. Web Based Room Monitoring System using Arduino

Link: http://wiznetmuseum.com/portfolio-items/web-based-room-monitoring-system-using-arduino




The author worked on this project to control the access of a room using PIR sensor, Arduino, and Ethernet shield. This added Web server on the Arduino enables changing the value of the web page when a physical movement is detected by the PIR.

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