WIZnet chips that implement TCP/IP stack as hardware logic are widely used in various applications. Among them, the industrial equipment control field that requires high stability and reliability is a very suitable field to apply WIZnet chip. It is an application that remotely monitors the change of status and sensor of the equipment and that controls IO.

In particular, the communication between the components of the industrial automation technology is changing from the existing RS-232 and RS-422/485 serial communication based on to Ethernet-based implementation. This makes the networking automation system more convenient and effective for both manufacturer and user.

Ethernet networking can be easily implemented even in low-end MCU using WIZnet chip. So, you can quickly build and improve your prototypes. You can configure the hardware very simply using W5500 chip which includes PHY. You can implement 2-Port Ethernet product using W7500 Cortex-M0 MCU, which does not include PHY, combined with switch chip. The 2-Ethernet Port product is an integral part for Ring or Daisy-chain network topology widely used in industrial products.

In this article, I would like to introduce the industrial application equipment applied WIZnet chip and the features of each product. The following products, that are already mass-produced and on sale, have control and monitoring functions. It will be a great reference when you design the new industrial application products.


Industrial applications using WIZnet Chips

eI/O Ethernet board series


The eI/O family of Ethernet digital I/O is for embedded OEM applications. For commercial and industrial computing applications requiring an embedded Ethernet I/O solution, eI/O OEM modules provide system designers with a compact, low-cost monitor and control alternative for a variety of applications, including process control, facility management, security and broadcast automation.





This product includes W7100A IOP (Internet Offload Processor) which is WIZnet’s TEC/IP MCU product and supports Modbus RTU / TCP protocol widely used in industrial equipment control. Depending on the board, it supports up to 32 digital I/O interfaces, 8 A/Ds, and 4 Reed Relay digital interfaces. It can also be powered via CAT5 Ethernet cable without a separate power connection because the board product group supports IEEE 802.3af Class o POE(Power over Ethernet).

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Iono Ethernet



Iono is a general purpose I/O module product based on Arduino from SFERALABS. It is targeted at PLC. Because it is based on Arduino, you can easily change the firmware to operate as Ethernet I/O module product or Modbus module. Iono supports Ethernet port, 4 analog / digital inputs, 2 digital inputs, and 6 12A250V relay outputs. It also includes ESD and RS-485 port applied for surge protection, so it can be easily linked with existing industrial product.



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M0-Ethernet-Switch WIZnet W7500






The most significant feature of this board developed by eHajo in Germany is a 2-Ethernet Port product composed of WIZnet W7500 Cortex-M0 MCU and Davicom’s DM8603 switch chip. Two Ethernet Ports product are an integral part for Ring or Daisy-chain network topology widely used in industrial application products. This product is also registered as an Ethernet component of Arm Mbed.

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