There seems to be a lot of excitement about IoT these days. Gartner forecasts IoT devices would increase to 25 billion pieces in 2020 from 4.9 billion pieces in 2015. The industry will increase at least 5 times during the next 5 years. Although negative evaluation such as exaggerative advertisement of IoT exists, the fact is that the number of IoT device is sharply increasing at a fast phase. And if the number of IoT device increse, related service also increases. These related servicees will collect huge amounts of data and share the data with users after analysis. The capacity of server that handles IoT service should be in a state of flux depending on the amount of data collected if we consider the number of IoT device increased sharply. IoT service will also rapidly change since it is at an early stage. Then, the server program should be very flexible and IoT services require all levels of IT from “embedded” to “server”. Do you think this will require high technology? It does not. Cloud service meets all requirements; it can change capacity depending on the amount of data and its pricing and server programs are very flexible. Another advantage of cloud service is that users can drive its server by simply drawing a diagram instead of programming it.


So which companies lead the cloud service? Global companies provide cloud service such as Google cloud platform from Google, aws from Amazon, and azure from Microsoft. Besides that, there are endless companies providing cloud service.




This post will introduce a few of IoT cloud services from the WIZnet Museum.

1. IC2Cloud:

IC2Cloud is one of the easiest cloud service I experienced. The most powerful advantage of IC2Cloud is programming the server by using drag-amd-drop ICON such as App inventor. It is also specialized for IoT projects; there are 8 examples of Arduino uploaded on WIZnet Museum.

device builder


2. IBM Bluemix: Build a cloud-ready temperature sensor with the Arduino Uno and the IBM Watson IoT Platform

This project used bluemix cloud from IBM. It shows data in real-time graph after sending temperature data as MQTT protocol to IoT foundation server of Bluemix using Arduino and Ethernet Shield. MQTT is a typical IoT protocol made by IBM and used for Facebook chat.



3. Send data to and

This project used cloud platforms such as and . It collects data through and shows the form that users want using Arduino and Ethernet Shield were used to implement this IoT device.


4. Cloud MQTT: How to implement embedded Mqtt Client using W5500 IC

This project  explained how to implement MQTT Client in W5500 custom board. For explanation, an exclusive cloud platform for MQTT called Cloud MQTT was introduced; it is made by using AWS cloud service and there is no need to implement MQTT Broker.

Picture of Preparing Broker server - CloudMQTT


5. ThingSpeak: Logging Data and Displaying Graphs over the Internet with Arduino

This project introduced an IoT cloud service called ThingSpeak. It shows sent data using Arduino and Ethernet Shield in graphs and seems to be appropriate for beginners.

ThingSpeak chart


There are only 5 IoT cloud projects introduced in this post, but please visit WIZnet Museum for more info of IoT cloud projects.

Wiznet Museum site:

Even though the usage of clouds for IoT these days is already widely used, more IoT cloud platforms will become available because of its usefulness.

If you are planning a business that provides IoT service, I suggest you wisely choose the right cloud server, service, or platform for your application.

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